Jason Gard

About me

In his 25 + years in Real Estate, Jason has established himself as one of the leading agents in the South West with a deep knowledge of local areas and solid understanding of micro markets.

Jason has studied the craft of Real Estate by reading dozens of books on Negotiation, Marketing and Selling Principals, has logged hundreds of hours tuning his skills by attending the finest and most effective real estate training in Australia. He has earned a reputation as an honest, hard working and highly skilled agent with constant concern and awareness for his clients.

In Jason’s time in real estate he has sold hundreds of properties many of them multiple times with some properties being sold three or four times personally by Jason. His passion for real estate in the Southwest is unrivalled and is always giving with his invaluable experience in the property market.

Jason lives and works in the Bunbury area and spends his free time with his much loved young family. Jason trains personally with real estate consumer advocate Neil Jenman in order to provide the highest ethical standards in the real estate industry for the benefit of his customers and clients.